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Isidore, "0linica", Etymologiae, XVI XXVII, I). 44. MS A~ fo1. , libra. XIII. mllia. CCCLXVIlI". Similar sets of equivalents in smaller denominations are then given for "media libra", "uncia", "semiuncia", "ceratis" "sextarium", "siclus", "amphora", "silicus", "nux qure habet magnitudinem auell~re" and "nux maioris magnitudinis". For other similar texts see F. Hultsch, Metrologicorum scriptorum reliquiae, 2 vols, Leipzig, Teubner, 1864. 45. ~ee L. Thorndik~-P. Kibre, A Catalogue oflndpits oJMediaeval Soentific Writings In Latin, London, Mediaeval Academy of America, 1963, p.

For the st,ory: and, a date ca. 1165, see M. McVaugh, Constantine the African, in Dictionary of Saentific BIography, ed. c. Gillispie, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1971, III pp. 393-95. 81 Two of these texts - significantly, by Hippocrates - are thought to have been translated from the Arabic versions of l:Iunayn ibn Isbiq,82 and the whole collection was prefaced by a handy introduction to medicine by the same l:Iunayn: the Isagoge. Yet these Hippocratic works were brought together with direct translations from Greek (Theophilus's De urinis and Philaretus's De pulsibus), and the Arabic origin of the Isagoge was so heavily disguised,83 that both early commentators and more recent scholars thought that the author 80.

Press, 1997, pp. 36-37 (hierarchical word blocks) and 61-63 (sp~aal terminal forms of letters at word-ends). In the second case the letter extenSion, which is always in the form of an extension of an oblique stroke towards the top right, where it ends with a stopping of the pen, could be interpreted as a letter plus . , a high distinctio or punctus. 6. " (11), but it is possible that alternative readings were already mentioned in a single exemplar. 11 11 1 is no longer possible to read MS G's original text.

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