By Bills, Burch, Davidson, Holte, Schaeffer, Schauenberg, Szafron

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Ah! How old I am already! It’s frightening. My 92nd [birthday’s] come. I can hardly walk. I can’t do anything anymore. How I remember, always only in the forest. I just chopped with my ax. I didn’t ever do any other work, just in the forest. Until what year did you work, roughly? I can’t remember anymore. Just before I got my pension I worked here a little, heating up the bania [bathhouse], but otherwise, always in the forest. We had enough to do [at the bania], too. How much water we carried in barrels, wood we chopped!

Soon, though, the regime feared that such emancipation would result in full-scale flight from the special settlements. 11 However, desperate for soldiers to fight the advancing German army after the war began, in April 1942 the state allowed the mobilization of special settlers into the Red Army, drafting more than 60,000 of them during the next six months. 12 They didn’t let you leave the village. It got better later on. Later, the commandants didn’t keep such close track. That was during the war, after the war.

They took him in 1942 already. And he died in 1943. Someplace, oy, I can’t remember the name. He died in 1943. There were funerals, so many funerals in the settlement. And we never came out of the woods. At six in the morning we left the house and some time around eight or nine [at night] we came home. All the time in the woods, in the woods. I spent my whole life in the woods. During the war, men were taken to the front, leaving the women behind to work in the forest. Balashina recalls that the norm (quota) for the day was seven cubic meters of wood for two persons; her friend inserts that this amounted to a truckload’s worth, reacting with surprise that she had to produce that much each day.

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