By Thomas Berndt

ISBN-10: 0879389303

ISBN-13: 9780879389307

Complete colour gallery of vintage American armored battling cars! eighty five brilliant complete colour photos of each American tank imagineable. a close chronicle of the fearless tanks of yankee historical past. The tanks pictured are superbly restored US armored autos of WW II.

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Team 4 suffered heavy casualties in front of the D-3 Les Moulins draw. Team 5 managed to plant its charges, but by the time it was ready to detonate them, so many infantry had huddled around the obstacles for shelter that only a few could be blown. Team 6 landed east of the D-3 Les Moulins draw and managed to create a gap in spite of the infantry using the obstacles for cover. Teams 7 and 8 had an impossible time clearing the obstructions, in part due to casualties and in part due to the recurring problem of the infantry using the obstacles as cover from the deadly German small arms fire.

9. Co. C, 2nd Rangers lands in the killing zone in front of German strongpoints WN72, WN73 and WN 74 to the west, losing half its troops before reaching the seawall. N 6. Co. A, 116th Infantry lands on Dog Green. Boat sections to the east are relatively shielded by smoke on the bluffs. 8. Boat sections from Co. A, 116th Infantry landing on the western side of Dog Green are exposed to heavy fire from bunkers in the D-1 Vierville draw and strongpoints along the coast further west including WN73 and WN74.

B, 116th Infantry penetrate through Vierville and approach the Chateau de Vaumicel along the road before being stopped by German defenses. , 916th Grenadier Regiment 20. Elements of the 5th Rangers and Co. C, 116th Infantry move through Vierville heading west with the intention of linking up with Rudder’s Ranger force on Pointe-du-Hoc. They are stopped by German defenses. Band of German beach obstacles VIERVILLE 7. , B, 743rd Tank Battalion lands on Dog Green and begins engaging bunkers in the D-1 Vierville draw.

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