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Anxious to obtain the support he needed in supplies for Second Army and the close co-operation of Hodges' army on his right flank, Montgomery arranged a rendezvous with the supreme commander at Brussels airfield for the afternoon of 10th September. Eisenhower did not come out from his aircraft to meet the Field-Marshal in his customary friendly way; on his return from seeing Bradley at Chartres, he had sprained his knee which was still swollen and painful. Montgomery entered with General Graham, his senior administrative staff" officer.

Such landings might well be in combination with an airborne assault. As commander in the NetherGeneral Christiansen was lands, ordered to consider plans to counter such operations. With the initiative in his enemies' hands, and indications of fresh dangers each day from intelligence and operational reports, Model was obliged to diversify his arrangements. On 10th September, when Hitler's headquarters ordered the early despatch to Germany of one of the two SS Panzer divisions, there was a further change: it was the 9th (Hohenstaufen) that was now to go ' .

The American air crews, as he knew to his vexation, had not had time to train to the standards of night navigation he had set. With such a narrow corridor, with time so much at a premium, accuracy in delivery was essential to success. At night, the slow Dakotas would be vulnerable to German night fighters, still active, and the flak batteries could not be struck effectively immediately prior to the passage of the long streams of aircraft. The fuel tanks of the Dakotas were not selfsealing; the risk of substantial losses before reaching the target area was too, consequently high.

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