By Peter Freeman

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ISBN-13: 9780821370049

The realm financial institution devoted $30.6 billion in transport-related initiatives in the past decade, making it one of many biggest sectors. The assessment appears into the Bank's event within the quarter, and assesses the institution's interventions, the effect of swift shipping zone growth, and its readiness to satisfy the demanding situations forward.

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We appreciate this finding and urge that the Bank fund more NMT projects, pointing out the problem of lack of sponsors to finance “outside the government budget” because of the lack of or very low revenuegeneration nature of such projects. However, pedestrians and cyclists are also taxpayers. The Bank and its clients should identify new supportive instruments and develop more sustainable NMT strategies, capitalizing on its environmentally friendly nature and its sound economic and health effects on individuals and families, compared with the motorized modes.

It should fully exploit local transport education expertise in the recipient country wherever available. If that is not possible, expertise from neighboring countries or those experiencing similar conditions should be utilized. Thus, the provision of realistic initiation, planning, design, and implementation of training would be ensured. • The panel strongly supports the reported findings on encouraging the Bank to go for riskier multi-institutional and/or multisectoral projects in developing countries, including road safety, urban transport, and rural transport projects: (a) More than 3,000 deaths result daily from road accidents.

Transport Sector Growth Private Sector Involvement In the transport sector, the motor industry has reached maturity in the markets of North America, Europe, and Japan. Globally, however, it is poised for huge expansion with the motorization of China and India. Within a few years China will replace Japan as the second-largest national market after the United States, and over the next 20 years more cars may be built than in the entire 110-year history of the industry (Economist 2005). Privately run transport services are widespread and usually successful.

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A Decade of Action in Transport: An Evaluation of World Bank Assistance to the Transport Sector, 1995-2005 (Operations Evaluation Studies) by Peter Freeman

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