By Ron MacKay, Don Greer

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The 20 th Fighter team joined the eighth Air strength Command in Dec of '43, flying the P-38 in lengthy diversity bomber escort position. the gang later switched over to the P-51 in July of '44. the crowd destroyed a complete of 449 enemy airplane in the course of its wrestle travel. Over one hundred fifty photographs, eight pages of colour, eighty pages

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He was the only man on board afforded a modicum of privacy, provided by a simple curtain at the entry to his 'quarters'. Directly across the walkway were located the radio room and sound detector room, giving the operators of these essential pieces of equipment instant access to the commanding officer. Under the decking of this area were stored the forward batteries as well as, under the radio room, ammunition for the deck gun. Reaching the central portion of the boat, the hub of activity was the control room, or Zentrale, with a heavy pressurised bulkhead at either end.

Both U-2365 and U-2331 were lost to accidents when water entered the boats and caused rapid sinking. It was also discovered that the assumed maximum depth before hull failure could be expected had been grossly overestimated at some 250m. In fact, the maximum safe operating depth was eventually established at just 80m. For the first time ever on an operational U-boat, the torpedoes left the tubes under their own power rather than being ejected solely by compressed air. The Type XXIII was constructed from just four basic hull modules.

Only four of this type were eventually built (U-1059 to U-1062), all produced by Germaniawerft. The crew of U-1061 pose with the shipyard management on the day of her commissioning. 5m length giving them much greater carrying capacity. 8cm gun 1 x 2cm gun 46 Armament: Crew: T Y P E VIIC V A R I A N T S Of all of the Type VII models, none saw as much modification and improvement to the basic design as did the most common model of all, the Type VIIC. The variants mentioned above relate principally to internal modifications, which would not be obvious from photographs of the boats themselves.

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